My BIG problem with the blogosphere’s biggest conference

Why the Blogher Conference consistently shatters my dreams

Quiz question: How do you know you’re moving in a week?

Answer: You find yourself sitting on a lawn chair in your living room, drinking wine out of a coffee mug.

That was me at the end of last week. Today I’m sitting at my cluttery desk — one of the few areas that remains unboxed — and mentally finishing packing while simultaneously working.

But before all that goes down, I wanted to talk a little bit about what I’m doing next week. I’ll be at the Blogher Conference in New York City. (Like to go? Click here to get 30% off a new registration.) Yeah, I’ll be doing my session right after Gwyneth Paltrow speaks. So no biggie.

I’m super psyched about this conference because I’ll be leading a Business Intensive session on how to set rates for writing. As you may know, this is a topic that I’m extremely passionate about — hence this website that, oddly enough, has been in desperate need of updating because I’m too busy implementing the strategy that I’m trying to teach other writers.

They say that the son of the shoemaker has no shoes … to that I add a hearty “no shit.”

But while I’m excited about Blogher, I also have a serious problem with this conference. Let me explain.

My big problem with Blogher

I’ve been to the Blogher Conference many times. I’m always blown away at the incredible mix of bloggers and companies in attendance. I often leave SO FIRED UP to go out and put my own big, messy stamp on the blogosphere … but that feeling is also accompanied by a few other less-than-pretty feelings.

Being in the presence of so many women (and men!) who are out there making a killer living through their blogs or making a name for themselves with their writing can be pretty intimidating.

When I get home and sit back down in front of my computer, I find myself thwacked in the face with self-doubt (so-and-so had such great ideas … my stuff feels lame in comparison), frustration (I’ve been at this so long … why am I not making any money yet?), and overwhelm (there is SO MUCH to do to make a dent … why do I even bother?). 

So if you’re going to Blogher, I want to share a dirty little secret: You CAN make money blogging — and you don’t need to get a sponsorship or land a book deal to do it. Yes, even YOU, the person who just likes to write about her kids and her messy house and who has no prayer of ever launching a “lifestyle” blog … and you, the person who likes to curse it up over the latest drama going on in your life … and you, the person who just really digs writing and loves the “therapy” that goes along with blogging.

You can make a full-time income blogging — you just may need to rethink your approach.

Come to my session and we’ll talk about how you can confidently charge what you’re worth — no more getting “paid” in premiums or as a percentage of clicks. We’re going to talk about how to charge $50 per hour, $60 per hour, and even more than $90 per hour for your blogging work and get a predictable monthly paycheck at the end of it.

Even better? You can make money without selling out your own blog.

If you’re already a professional writer and you’re not making enough money (which you probably aren’t, because, HELLO, YOU’RE A WRITER), come to my session and find out what you should really be charging for your work.

Disclaimer: My session is a “no gimmick” zone. If you want to make this kind of money, you’re going to have to work hard and you’re going to have to challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zones. Asking for money? It’s an uncomfortable skill to learn. Knowing that you deserve the rates that you’re asking for — and you WILL — means that you may need to up your writing game.

The good news? If you’re blogging consistently, you probably already know more than you think you do. 

This session is a roundtable format, so come prepared with questions — or don’t, and join us to hear what other people have to say.If you can’t go, leave me your questions in the comments section and I’ll try to answer them here. Hope to see you in New York!

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